Signs that you have a leaky gut

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Signs that you have a leaky gutSigns that you have a leaky gut

The leaky Gut syndrome term is a very common term that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. More and more people are suffering from the Leaky Gut syndrome due to various reasons. So what are the signs that you may have a leaky gut?

What is leaky gut and what all can we learn from the guide book

The Leaky Gut cure by Karen Brimeyer is a detailed exposition of one of the most common diseases which is common among a number of people and can also be rectified with a proper diet along with exercise and a diet program as well.

Did you know that there are various diseases that are a result of the Leaky Gut Syndrome? As better said- most of the diseases initiate from the gut and this has been proved right after so many years. Leaky Gut which is better known as intestinal hyper permeability is a condition that occurs due to the thinning if the intestinal lining due to which the undigested food particles, the proteins and the toxic waste products are absorbed into the blood stream and cause inflammation in the intestines. According to various studies and research the leaky gut syndrome has been associated with various kinds of diseases and infections as followsWhat is leaky gut and what all can we learn from the guide book

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disease which is incurable
  • Autism
  • Eczema and skin diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Type 1 diabetes

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What are the symptoms of a leaky gut and what is the leaky Gut disease approach?What are the symptoms of a leaky gut and what is the leaky Gut disease approach-

These are some signs that show that you may have leaky Gut problems and if so, you need to treat the same well so that it does not repeat itself and can be kept under good control. Read the Karen Brimeyer’s guide book, the leaky Gut cure to get a detailed insight about the same. She is one of the large number of individuals affected from leaky gut disease. She has been suffering, but she is not any longer. In order to know her and her achievements, we should start from her early education and career. 

Sensitivity to different kinds of food

People who are sensitive and allergic to various kinds of food can sometimes blame leaky gut for the same. The toxins and microbes enter the bloodstream and these results in inflammation of the intestine and in the long run, auto immune disease. This makes your body more susceptible to antigens and this is mostly common in the case of dairy products and gluten as well.

Irritable Bowel syndrome

irritable bowel syndrome leaky gut

Elevated gut permeability is known to be sometimes localized to the colon in people suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome as well as ulcerative colitis. Leaky Gut may also sometimes be caused due to hereditary causes and it is a genetic component as well. So what supplements to take for leaky gut? Zinc supplements are one of the best things to take in case of leaky Gut syndrome.

Thyroid problems

Leaky Gut syndrome can also directly affect in the Hashimoto’s disease. This is also known as chronic thyroiditis which can also cause hypothyroidism, fatigue, impaired metabolism, weight gain, depression and various other concerns.

Inflammation in the skin and skin problemsWhat supplements are required to heal leaky gut-

The Gut is associated with the skin and any problem of the gut would definitely show on your skin as well. Intestinal hyper-permeability can cause a slew of skin conditions; particularly acne and psoriasis. These skin problems can easily be treated in a holistic way with proper diet and regular exercise.

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Mal absorption of food

There are various kinds of nutritional deficiencies that may result due to leaky Gut syndrome comprising of Vitamin B 12, magnesium and various kinds of enzymes that help in digestion of food. People who are suffering from this problem should eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables and probiotic food.

Depressions and mood swingsDepressions and mood swings Leaky gut cure

Heavy depression and mood swings can also be one of the main symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. If this disease is not treated properly, it can also give rise to various other conditions until it would be too late to treat the same effectively.

Brimeyer in the leaky gut cure guide talks about these various signs and symptoms that cause leaky gut and how to cure the same. If you feel that you are suffering from these signs, then you better call for help and start treating yourself well so that this disease does not recur anymore.

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