Why you shouldn’t ignore leaky gut

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Why you shouldn’t ignore leaky gut

Gut issues are one of the main causes of auto immune disease according to various scientists and the leaky gut syndrome which is also one of the main causes should be cut off from the roots. If you feel that you experience excessive bloating, fatigue, skin problems, and cravings for food, then you are sure to have leaky gut. Why you shouldn’t ignore leaky gut

You have recently got yourself a test done and you realize that you have leaky gut syndrome. Though you might ignore these in the initial phase, it is always good to find a cure for the same and treat the same so that you do not have problems later in life. There are various reasons why leaky gut is associated with chronic illness. Read the leaky gut cure guide book to naturally and permanently stoop your chronic symptoms at the source. You can also watch the free presentation of the leaky gut cure program by Karen Brimeyer and learn all the secret techniques in order to keep yourself healthy and hearty.

  • 70% of the immune system cells are found in your gut.
  • The chronic inflammation which is caused by leaky gut can lead to inflammatory disease

What causes Leaky Gut?What causes Leaky Gut-

Inflammatory foods

Our contemporary diet is full of inflammatory foods that when frequently consumed can harm the intestinal lining and the cells in your gut. These foods include

  • Conventional dairy products
  • Corn and Soy
  • Whole grain wheat and white flour
  • Refined sugar
  • High processed vegetable oils

Try and avoid these food products

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Chronic stress

Apart from food, there are other things that contribute to stress as well. Too much stress on yourself can weaken your immune system and thus cannot fight off the bacteria and the virus which may lead to inflammation and leaky gut syndromes. You should get more sleep, do some activities which will help you to relax, think positively.

Lack of beneficial Gut bacteriaLack of beneficial Gut bacteria Leaky gut cure

An imbalance of good bacteria in your gut can cause a leaky gut syndrome. The most common cause of imbalance usually occurs due to overuse of antibiotics, lack of probiotics. In such a case, you should rebalance the gut bacteria by probiotics by adding probiotic rich food in your diet which comprises of

  • Coconut yogurt
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Raw cheese
  • Fermented vegetables like kimchi, Sauerkraut, and salted gherkin pickles
  • Brine-cured olives
  • Japanese foods like miso, kombucha, and natto
  • Kefir
  • Tempeh

Toxic overloadToxic overload leaky gut cure

There are times when we do not actually understand, but we are getting exposed to elements like heavy metals, household cleaners, environmental pollutants, preservatives and additives. These toxins enter your body and your liver tries to eliminate the same. Too much exposure to these products overburdens the liver and your body slowly degenerates. A slow digestion gives rise to leaky Gut syndrome as well. You need to avoid the amount of toxins you are being exposed to and also eliminate as much toxins as possible.

Steps to heal leaky gutCan leaky gut syndrome be cured

Can leaky gut syndrome be cured? Surely if you follow these steps below, you can lead a normal and healthy regular life and also slowly incorporate all kinds of food in your diet.

  • Remove all inflammatory food and toxin that can damage your gut and intestinal lining
  • Reduce stress as much as possible
  • Try and heal your leaky gut with various kinds of supplements
  • Also have healing food like bone broth, probiotic food, steamed vegetables, dairy products, grass fed meat and fresh fruits and vegetables that can help in healing leaky gut.
  • Have organic food that will help you to heal your leaky gut
  • Stay happy and relaxed at all times
  • Encourage smooth digestion always

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The real secret behind Leaky Gut syndrome

By slowly reducing the quantity of inflammatory foods in your diet, managing pressure and stress, and eating gut supportive nutrients on a regular basis, your gut health will rapidly perk up and you can live a life feeling your absolute best. Follow this program by Karen Brimeyer for a fast and useful way of curing the Leaky Gut syndrome forever so that it never recurs again. Try out from a number of delicious recipes for your leaky Gut and start following the diet today itself.

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