How can I heal my leaky gut?

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How can I heal my leaky gut?How can I heal my leaky gut

In today’s young generation, people are known to a variety of food that tends to irritate your stomach and also cause damages to your intestinal linings. These food products are bad for health and can also cause a number of damages in the long run. Leaky Gut syndrome can be a result of the damages caused.

An insight to what is Leaky Gut syndrome- What is leaky gut and how do you cure it?

Many people talk about Leaky Gut syndrome. What is the real meaning of leaky gut syndrome and why it is caused? You can get a brief insight about the leaky Gut syndrome and what it is from Karen Brimeyer’s program and the Leaky Gut cure book which is a guide to curing leaky gut syndrome written by Karen Brimeyer. In her guide, Brimeyer discusses more than a few methods of beating the LGS. The program is centered on a systematic overhaul of your nutritional habits, and has shown to be very effectual as well.

An insight to what is Leaky Gut syndrome- What is leaky gut and how do you cure it-

The book emphasizes ion eating fresh, whole foods as opposed to frozen, canned, or processed foods, which often contain additives and preservatives that worsen gut conditions and obstruct proper digestion. Foods like white flour and processed sugars are also to be avoided.

Leaky Gut syndrome is an intestinal condition where there is increased permeability of the intestine and the digestive tract gets dented and the pores of the tract slowly enlarge in size due to which all kinds of toxic waste products like undigested proteins, bacteria and other waste food products are absorbed into the blood due to which the body slowly loses its immunity and gets the auto immune disease.

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 The result of leaky Gut syndrome may be skin acnes, skin problems, bloating of the stomach, formation of gas and IBS. So how can I heal my leaky gut if you are facing from the same? This article will share some of the solutions in treating the leaky gut syndrome.

What can you eat if you have leaky gut syndrome?What can you eat if you have leaky gut syndrome-

  • There are various kinds of food products that can be consumed to cure leaky gut syndromes in the best possible way. They comprise of the following
  • Garlic and garlic juice– Garlic is known to be a miracle herb when treating leaky gut syndrome. It has anti oxidant properties that can improve the gastro intestinal structure in a person.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil is a miraculous wonder in assisting the digestive system. It helps in getting rid of all kinds of impurities including anti- bacterial and fungal infections
  • Bone brothBone broth is known to be one of the tastiest and nutritional ingredients that is boiled with the help of fragments from the bone.
  • Fish Cod Liver OilFish Cod Liver Oil helps in healing inflammation in the stomach lining. It is one of the rich sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  • Raw Ginger Ginger, like Garlic is known to have the best healing properties that are imbibed with anti oxidants that help in building the intestinal lining.
  • Fruits and vegetablesFresh fruits and vegetables are good for your health as they are rich in anti oxidant properties
  • Raw and cultured dairy productsProbiotic rich food like yoghurt is known to be one of the most essential ingredients for overall health and also for your intestine. Fermented vegetables like kefir, kvass, sauerkraut or kimchi comprises of Probiotic bacteria.

What foods are good for leaky gut?What foods are good for leaky gut-

Are you confused about what to eat if you have a leaky Gut syndrome? There are various kinds of food and recipes that can be made that can help you in curing the leaky gut syndrome. What is the best diet for leaky gut syndrome? Read below for some great delicious and homemade recipes by Karen Briymeyer that is healthy and can help in leaky gut syndrome.

Fresh Fruit salads

A bowl of fresh fruit salads comprises of water, vitamins and minerals, anti oxidants, amino acids, and fiber. These ingredients amalgamated in one cures your guts effectively. They are not only good for your intestine but good for your taste buds.

Bone Broth soupBone Broth soup Best leaky gut cure

Did you know that bone broth soup is really good for health? It contains of various active nutrients that are great for your gut and your intestine. They also comprise of various amino acids, essential nutrients, proteins and minerals that are good for health. Bone broth can also be stewed in order to make it a great tasting food and you can also mix various kinds of vegetables like carrots, beans, corn and broccoli along with herbs like oregano to make it a healthy and fulfilling meal

Baked salmon

Baked salmon fish is a delicious recipe that comprises of salmon fish, vegetables, and a number of herbs. It is not only tasty but healthy as well and you can also sprinkle some olive oil on top of it to enhance the taste and the flavor.

Probiotic yoghurt saladProbiotic yoghurt salad best leaky gut cure

Probiotic yoghurt is one of the best products for your gut. They are good for your stomach and your intestine and also help to produce good bacteria in your body. Probiotic salad can be made with the help of fresh fruits and probiotic yoghurt. This not only tastes good and refreshing but also is good for your health and your leaky gut disease. The best thing about this is that, they can also be made at home.

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How do you heal your digestive system?How do you heal your digestive system leaky gut cure

Leaky Gut syndrome is a disease that may take quite some time to cure. It can however be kept under control with the right kind of diet, exercise and life cycle. The time taken for the disease to cure depends on the person, the intensity of the disease and the lifestyle which is being led. There are times when it takes just 2-3 months to heal while in some it may even take more than a year. In order to cure a leaky gut, you would need

  • Proper diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Good rest and exercise
  • Diet comprising of Paleo foods
  • Proper meditation
  • Avoiding food that may trigger the leaky gut syndrome and also avoid various kinds of medications

Treating the leaky gut syndrome in a holistic wayTreating the leaky gut syndrome in a holistic way

There are various kinds of books that you can read on curing leaky gut. There are various websites as well. Leaky gut syndrome can be treated in a holistic way- just with a proper diet, proper exercise, medication and rest. The holistic method is safe and effective and it is also a natural cure to leaky gut syndrome.

Follow these ways to cure the leaky gut syndrome in a fast and effective way and follow this lifestyle guided by Karen Brimeyer so that the leaky gut syndrome does not recur once more.

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